About us



The values we strive to achieve, are guided by the expectations of our clients, the Constitution of South Africa, of which we are loyal servants and the cast-iron integrity we expect from every employee.

We deliver the following:

  • Swift, effective and friendly service.
  • A personal approach, with legal solutions tailor-made to suit our clients.
  • Professionalism.
  • Integrity and confidentiality in all our dealings.
  • Loyalty to South Africa, its people and our community.

We, at WdT Attorneys are furthermore aware that our area caters for extensive investment by people and businesses from Mozambique.  We are specifically geared to assist in matters relating to Property ownership, Company and Trust registrations, Imports and Exports as well as dealing with the South African Law enforcement authorities.


WdT Attorneys is certified as a Level 2 BEE Service Provider.  We recognise the need for empowerment, upliftment and education and remain committed to these ideals in our business.  We will not compromise on our level of service and take special care to ensure that each individual growing inside our Law firm, understands this and grows inside the culture we offer.


  • We strive to provide the highest level of quality legal advice and services to our clients, bringing expertise, skill and energy to the solutions we offer.
  • Our advice will be tailor-made for our client’s individual needs, taking into consideration the dynamics of our Legal system and our client’s expectations.
  • Our advice will remain relevant, up-to-date and in step with the changes in the business-and legal environment in which our clients operate.


  • To ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal advice
  • At an affordable rate
  • Keeping our social responsibility towards the community close to heart
  • Always striving towards meeting our client’s expectations.


Being Lowvelders, we understand the concept of being part of a community. We are blessed with what our clients and our environment give us on a daily basis, and we love ploughing back. Our social involvement projects include:

  • House Bethlehem Place of Safety.
  • Food, blanket and clothing donations through various charity organizations in our area.
  • Free legal services on an ad hoc basis to people in need.
  • Paediatric Care Africa.
  • Our firm also strives to educate our current staff and has facilitated skills training in telephone, electronic communications and social media protocol, further and advanced computer skill courses and our professional staff attend specialised courses from time to time.
  • The Directors of WdT Attorneys also serve as directors of various Companies and Joint Ventures.


Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Wiekus du Toit


Wiekus Du Toit started his Legal Career in Nelspruit over 43 years ago.  He was the Founding Director of Du Toit-Smuts & Mathews Phosa Incorporated and grew this law firm to the largest in Mpumalanga.  He remained the Senior Director until his resignation with the purpose of establishing a new legal practice.

In 2008 Wiekus decided to focus his legal practice on select clients, providing specialist service from his newly established Law firm, Wiekus du Toit Attorneys, recently re-branded to WdT Attorneys.  He has a reputation for being one of Nelspruit’s finest Commercial Attorneys, specializing in the drafting of complicated Agreements, specialized Commercial work and Conveyancing.

Wiekus holds the following qualifications:

  • B Iur degree from the University of Pretoria in 1976;
  • Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer with the Right of Appearance in the High Court;
  • “Professional Valuer” in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act.

Sinky Nkosi


Sinky Nkosi is the founder of Nkosi Attorneys, one of the many reputable law firms in the Mbombela area. He practiced for many years in the Mbombela area as a litigation attorney.
In 2011 he was appointed as an acting Judge of the South Gauteng High Court. He brings a great deal of expertise and knowledge of the law, as a result of experience gained by being a Judge of the High Court.  Sinky recently joined our firm as one of the senior Directors.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Lianda Wells


Lianda Wells, co-founder of Wiekus du Toit Attorneys, obtained her BCom Law and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria in 2001 and 2003 respectively.  She was admitted as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary of the High Court of South Africa, before moving to Nelspruit.

Lianda is a specialist in the field of Property Law, with particular emphasis on Property Development (Township Planning and Registration), Registration of Servitudes and Transferring of Fixed Property.  She is a committed Legal Practitioner, offering absolute expertise in her fields of practice.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Leon Doyer


Leon Doyer brings a strong financial and business emphasis to the services of our law firm. Leon obtained his BProc and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria in 1999 and 2001, before being admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa.  After practicing law as a Partner at Du Toit-Smuts & Mathews Phosa Attorneys, he joined Investec Private Bank in 2008, gaining valuable commercial and financial experience.

Leon specializes in High Court Litigation, Commercial work, Town Planning Law, Equity and Finance Brokering and matters relating to Land Restitution.  He has established strong ties with South Africa’s Banking and Finance Institutions, assisting clients to access finance for business ventures and asset acquisition.  He is qualified as a Commercial Property Practitioner and is a member of SAPOA.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Francois du Toit (LLB)


Francois obtained his LLB degree from the University of Pretoria at the end of 2010, whereafter he joined the Pretoria law firm of Couzyn Hertzog and Horak to serve his articles. Francois was admitted as an attorney in February 2013 and thereafter joined the WdT team. He was appointed as partner of the firm in August 2014. He specializes in High Court litigation, with specific focus on Civil and Commercial Litigation with the Right of Appearance in the High Court.  Francois also has a keen interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution and has been involved in various arbitrations. Born in the Lowveld, he has an understanding of the community and is an invaluable attribute to advising and assisting his clients.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Caly Smit


Caly obtained her LLB degree (cum laude) from the University of Pretoria in 2013 and was admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She practiced in Pretoria in the fields of Property and Commercial Law, before moving to Nelspruit in 2016.  Caly is currently appointed in both the Commercial and Conveyancing Departments of the firm.

Msizi Sifiso Dlamini


Msizi obtained his LLB degree from the University of Johannesburg in 2012.  He commenced with / completed his articles in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands at Ngwenya & Zwane Attorneys and was admitted as Attorney in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in 2014.  In 2016 he relocated to Mbombela and joined Madonsela Mthunzi Attorneys where he ran their Litigation Department. In January 2018 Msizi joined the litigation team at WdT Attorneys.  During his tenure as a litigant, Msizi has done a substantial amount of litigation work for government departments and also represented various municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm

Doug Holing


Doug obtained his BProc degree in 1995 from Natal University and practiced for his own account and in partnership in KZN from 1997. He has become an integral part of our litigation team, where he also heads the Family Law Department and is proficient in Contract Law. Doug has extensive experience in agriculture and therefore he knows and understands the needs and expectations of the local farming community.


The people we employ remain the backbone of our Legal practice. We strive to keep staff-turnover as low as possible, which means that our staff becomes acquainted with you, your demands and expectations. Our support staff are well deployed in the Conveyancing-and Bond registration, Litigation, Commercial, and Will-and-Trusts departments. We look forward to having a coffee with you at our offices.


Mariëtte obtained her LLB degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2002 and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary.  Mariëtte is appointed in the Property Law Department of the firm and has been practicing for 13(THIRTEEN) years.

Attorneys at Wiekus Du Toit Law Firm


Llewellyn obtained his LLB degree from the University of Pretoria in 2016 and joined the litigation team at WdT Attorneys during October 2017.  Llewellyn was officially admitted as an Attorney during May 2019 and obtained an Advanced Certificate in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Process.


Nozwelo obtained her LLB degree from the University of the Free State in 2015. Nozwelo was recently admitted as Attorney in the Mpumalanga High Court. Nozwelo did her articles at Legal Aid South Africa, Nelspruit Office. In April 2019 she joined the litigation team at WDT Attorneys.



Anaisa is currently in the final year of her LLB studies at UNISA.  She was actively involved in the insurance industry in South Africa and Mozambique since 2009.  She commenced with her Articles of Clerkship and joined the Conveyancing team at WdT in January 2018.  Anaisa has a passion for languages and is fluent in English, Portuguese and Afrikaans.


Anita Deminey obtained her LLB degree from the University of South Africa in 2012 and is currently serving her Contract of Articles at the firm.  She is an essential part of our Litigation Department.


Liandi obtained her BCom Law and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria in 2018 and is currently serving her Contract of  Articles at the firm.  She is an integral part of our Litigation Department.